Lightening lotion

200 ml



Lightening lotion

Easy and fast lighting system

Easy innovative lighting system, illuminates the hair with instant effect.

It lightens 2/3 tones on colored and natural hair.

Thanks to the perfect balance between lightening and thermal protective, it leaves the hair shiny and soft with a natural look.

It must be used on dry hair and after the application it doesn’t require rinsing. It can be used several times on the same lock, as long as it will be allowed by the condition of the hair.

It’s perfect to bring out the cut and fashion effects also on the man.

INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE: the product must be apply to dry hair. Wear appropriate disposable gloves during all phase of product use.

Separate the lock from the rest of the hair.

To protect the scalp, fix the lock with a hair clip to 2 cm at least from the root.

Pour the required amount of product in a bowl and use a sponge or a brush to impregnate the hair with the lotion, using your hand or a small plate to support the lock.

Without rinsing, dry each lock using a hair straightener that allow the use on wet hair.

Pass many time the hair straightener in a rapid and uniform way until completely dry the lock.

The effect of the lotion is gradual and allows to lighten your hair naturally, application after application.

It is not recommended to use Easy lightening lotion on damaged hair or on hair that have suffered a lot of chemical treatments.

Once poured in a bowl, the product loses lightening properties, therefore don’t put it back in the container. Throw out any product in excess.