1000 ml


A dermatologically-tested smoothing treatment.

For glossy and hydrated hair.

What is it

A smoothing treatment that can be used on all hair types, including coloured and bleached hair, allowing to achieve excellent results, reduce volume and make the hair look glossy and hydrated. It doesn’t  contains formaldehyde


1. Wash the hair with 90 NINETY days pre-shampoo 1. Rinse and repeat a second time, leaving the product in for 5/10 minutes. Rinse thoroughly. Towel dry accurately. To improve combability, spray a small amount of Relief conditioner no rinse across the lengths and on the tips, blow dry hair to 80% with the help of a flat brush.

2. Shake the 90 days smoothing treatment 2 bottle. Pour the required amount in a non-metal bowl. Divide the hair into 4 large sections. Starting from the nape of the neck, divide each section into very thin strips and apply the product accurately across the lengths and on the ends, beginning from approximately 1 cm from the scalp. Massage well into each strand to make sure the product is absorbed thoroughly. Leave in from 20 to 35 minutes depending on the desired result. Use cling film or a hair cap to cover the hair if appropriate. Do not use hair grips or tie the hair.




keeping 250 ml

3. At the end of application time, rinse the hair slightly and gently (do not rub). To avoid rinsing the hair too well, use one or two bowls of water and pour them on the hair. Massage gently, comb the hair with a large-toothed comb and rinse again as above. Blow dry with the help of a large-toothed brush if needed.

4. Separate the hair into sections and work the straighteners through thin strips of hair starting from the nape of the neck. Use slow movements and guide the straighteners with a comb, to make sure the hair is held down during the straightening phase. Run from 6 to 20 passes, with temperatures from 170° to 210°, depending on the hair structure. As you are running the straighteners down, pull the hair tightly at the root and glide down and out quickly at the tip.

5. After two or more days wash the hair with 90 days Smooth shampoo 3 and complete treatment with Relief treatment mask. Apply Relief C conditioner no rinse before blow-drying.

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