BTX mineralizing oil

100 ml


mineralizing oil

Hair rejuvenation: Texture, beauty and shiny

What is it?

an extremely hydrating treatment to protect and repair the cortical structure while strengthening, nourishing and brightening. A truly rejuvenating hair treatment.


to give back body, volume, control and life to chemically and physically damaged hair.


works against the effects of time. Nourishes hair. Repairs and protects cortical structure strengthening hair and giving renewed shine.

Quick and simple application. Complete service in less than 1 hour with fantastic results.

Duration: about 1 month


How to use

1. Wash  hair with ELEMENT NEUTRAL SHAMPOO. Rinse and dab. Repeat if necessary

2. After shaking BTX MINERALIZING OIL pour the necessary quantity into a bowl. Distribute well on all the hair with the help of brush and comb. Work your hair with your hands from the bottom up, against cuticle, especially in areas where the hair is most exploited. Cover with a hairnet or with hot wet towel and let pose for 20-30 minutes

3. After rinsing, make a shampoo with RELIEF 1 SHAMPOO. Rinse and dab

4. Apply a small amount of RELIEF 10+1, comb and proceed with brushing

capello malato



Brittle hair


Capello sano



BTX treatment